How to Get More Sales in 2020

Half of 2020 has gone. Its now time for a reality check. Both for individuals and business owners. Some are taking the epidemic as an opportunity. While others are using it as an excuse. However, the crux of it is more sales. Allow me to rephrase a quote by one of my supervisors “Sales is the worst job and sales is the best job. People are leaving money out on the table. They just don’t want to pick it up.

how to get more sales

We as insurance sellers have taken this opportunity and envision only one thing “HUSTLE”. I will not let the current environment affect me and I will keep on hustling to make every buck. Its as simple. Google is now offering a free meeting tool called Google Meet. The first tip is, when you qualify a lead, for instance get them to talk to you take their email and send you introduction, invite them to google meet and have a face to face conversation.LinkedIn has always been highly helpful. I also recommend LinkedIn Advertising.

Look the prospect in the eye and explain the features and how your service would benefit them. In sales the most a person can say is NO. NO is the driving factor which boosts me to plunge in with more positive mindset. Allow me to rephrase a quote “We might not have control over anything however, we have control over just one thing, our positive mindset.

how to start an online business in 2020

Why are you hesitant in picking up the phone or hire a virtual receptionist service to do the lifting for you? Days have gone when you used to send out email and a prospect wouldn’t even bother to read it. Its transformation times and reality check again. Pick up the phone and tip 2 which has worked out about 87% of the time is, hey I am calling from, wanted to shoot you a quick email about some features and benefits, what would be a good email please? And that’s it. And simply shut up after that and wait for the response. Workers compensation leads are what keeps insurance brokers and insurance agencies flow. Otherwise all you have is a blank screen to stare at.

On the other hand the gate keepers might not give you a second look. Be straight and factual. Tip 3 is I say straight, look I know we all have a job, if the business owner is free, PLEASEEE ask him for permission, I just wish to introduce and it wont even be a minute. DO NOT tell the gatekeeper that you are looking for his or her email. Else the gatekeeper might know it and slam it at your face and there you are a gonner.

Be as factual and truthful as possible over the phone and in your written conversation. Once step one is clear, its time to write. Sit down carefully and draft a few words and then try and fix an appointment. Now be factual, you might not get a reply or the chances are you might not get an appointment. Happened with me several times.

What I write is, I will follow up on June 20, 2020 at 11AM PST to touch base further. Now the fact is the prospect also knows you are trying to sell. Chances are they might not wait on you. Tip 4 is try to call a couple of minutes before the appointment time. If you get connected good, now is the time.

Say things like my skills can enhance your sales and show them a testimonial from a current or past customer and try to win the game. Tip 5 is shoot another email with a recap of the call along with any document that lays out the price and a signature to make it formal and the deal is done. The challenges are the signup or the prospect being out of the office while he might be at his desk. Be factual, you might also do that if you want to push someone off your back, however, keep going.

Moreover you have to qualify a 100 prospects. Survival requires you to do that and in order to live close at least 10. That should be vision and honestly it took me a year to finally see it. I wont include any of those graphs and charts as I feel they are simply LAME. In reality its just hard work and commitment. Feel free to share your insight and hope you apply these tips, try for a month and feel the difference.

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