How to start an online business

how to start up an online business, setting up a new business

Everyone like to be in the spot light and writing this drives me back in the years. Moreover the question, how to start an online business. So what did I do? Just like you, came and did a search and out came an infinite number of results. Undoubtedly going through them was like searching a needle in a haystack. Everyone was sharing their thoughts, but I was not able to find one. I repeat not even one person who gave strategies. As this is my 20th year in the services industry, I want to gift you something. Success will follow along timely, if you keep on it. This is an effort to summarize 20 years in one year.

Step 1 Registration

Indeed, you need a registration if you are serious. I don’t care, manage the money for that. Sell of any unnecessary items around, do a garage sale, use OLX ask your family for a small loan. Get a white listed static internet connection and start the journey. You can register yourself as a sole prop if you are a lone wolf and can change company type later. Also think of a unique name. Moreover, should be in line with what you do. Purchase a domain and hosting, I personally prefer Google G Suite which comes with a  domain name, an email and a phone number. Further you can also take advantage of products such as google drive and the app store. Also you can visit GoDaddy as they are also the best service providers of domains and hosting. Now its your

starting an online business

Step 2 Analysis

Clearly it starts with a thorough analysis. What are you capable of? I am a specialist in customer services, in Microsoft office products, I took my time to learn WordPress and the basics of other website building tools like HTML and CSS. I learnt what it took to understand hosting and domains. Furthermore, took the time to learn adobe Photo Shop CS6. Following did a lot of digging and learnt the basics of SEO. Living offshore, my biggest skill is my English speaking and writing. Do you have the guts and desire to learn all that? So you took your analysis. Now it’s time to start generating leads. Here are a few platforms on how to start an online business.

Pick Up the Phone

In my starting days, there was a lot of buzzing on networking. So, I went to Manta and there I am looking. Besides providing address, manta is a comprehensive directory for contractors, doctors and legal aids, insurance brokers etc along with phone numbers. I remember making just 50 phone calls. Informing them straight that I am calling offshore was a plus. Out of those 50 calls, I was able to get their emails. Dint have any CRM and was saving their information in a spreadsheet. Now that’s where Adobe Photoshop CS6 came in play. Furthermore, sent them an email thanking for their time along with the services brochure and to my surprise got a reply from one prospect only. We still work together and I am lucky all thanks to my focus and mindset to win.


LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. Launched on May 5, 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking. Again, I kept in mind my skills. Simply start to add connections. On the other hand also join groups of your relevance. Also write a very brief and eye catching introduction and start networking. LinkedIn is a pool full of leads, some selling some buying. Most importantly my constant effort gave me three sign ups from LinkedIn. Not only that two of my customers sent me referrals. On the other hand I cannot explain all the nitty gritty so staff in time and learn from experience as well.

Conclusion of how to start an online business

It leads me to think many of you wont even take the extra mile. As well as that some will go through de-motivation. Clearly Rome wasn’t built in one day, you have to build credibility. Will write other aspects however if you with full zeal and commitment only do the things written above will take your startup on the roll and help you get that first customer. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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