Virtual Assistant

Along with other cost cuttings, a business owner should have a virtual assistant. Not only it adds benefit but also reduces cost. Above all  what beneficial skills a virtual assistant comes with? In serving a plethora of businesses, I will try and share the skills I learnt. Similarly a business owner should review these points before hiring.

virtual assistant

Yes Boss

Clearly, the boss has a different vision. Additionally they do not want to hear the word NO. Remember to physically nod and show signs of agreement. For instance, yes boss, got it, let me get back to you on that. Above all this creates the feeling of trust where the business owner visualizes that you trust him or her. Not only it provides strong linking but also puts both of you on the same page.

The Skills

Importantly lets talk about the attributes. Moreover, one must have either basic or full command over these skills. All resources are available for learning at the bottom. Unquestionably you have to start investing your time TODAY.

Be realistic to yourself? Do you know HTML & CSS? Not only knowing this skill empowers you but gives a feel of relief. Mostly the world is relying on content management systems. Also that being fair, you have to have the basic knowledge.

Additionally, you have to be very familiar with WordPress. Small business widely use WordPress for their websites. Moreover you should also have complete knowledge of the plugins repository. Moreover you also have to couple yourself with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other graphics design software. Furthermore, it’s the age of video making. People like to see rather then listen. So invest time in learning Adobe Effects as well. Also you can use PIXLR if you need to make minor adjustments online.

Document Preparation

Another very important aspect is knowing how to make documents. For instance managing spread sheets in Excel. Also a good typing speed if you are providing data entry services. Similarly you have to know how to put together power point presentations. Most importantly you have to learn YouTube marketing and LinkedIn. Undoubtedly a virtual assistant should have all these traits. Along with this learn HTML and WordPress. Feel free to comment and let me know of your suggestions.

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